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Encouragement is the Best Nourishment
EncourageX is a meaningful new way to build happy and healthy relationships. We help you find personal, authentic, and consistent ways to earn trust, be present, and grow closer to the people you care about. Our mission is to make encouragement simple for everyone. If your intentions are sincere, EncourageX can help you show up as the best version of yourself with friends, family, and colleagues. Click here to get started for free.

How it Works

  • Create a personal profile
  • Provide a few curation details
  • Find meaningful ways to encourage 

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Stories of Encouragement

Alex Weatherford

“I love my family, but I don’t always know how to support them. Encouragement helps me connect with teen children and my wife.”

Clementina Rodriguez

“After receiving several encouraging notes and gifts from my Aunt Maggie over the last 18 months, I decided to apply to Yale to follow my dream of studying medicine.”

Adriana Longoria

“When my sister's son was diagnosed with autism, I wasn't sure how to help. EncourageX gave me the tools I needed.”

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