ENCOURAGEMENT MESSAGE: Education, Commitment, Wisdom + The more you read, the more you know

They Might Be Thinking:

  • I am horrible at grammar.
  • I know what I want to say. Everything gets lost in translation.
  • Where do I go for help?
  • I've always been a bad speller. 
  • English is my first language; of course I can read and write!
  • Writing assignments are too hard. 
  • I hate reading. 
  • The words seem to float on the page when I read.
  • I'd love to read more, I just can't find anything I'm interested in. 
  • English is boring.
  • How do other people have such a large vocabulary?
  • Do I really have to know all of the rules of the English language?
  • I have a difficult time with punctuation.

Words That Might Be Encouraging:

  • Becoming a good writer takes time. Stick with it and give yourself more credit. 
  • There is help available if you know where to find it.
  • I'm happy to proofread and help in any way.
  • Spelling has always been tricky for me, too, but it gets easier. 
  • The more you read, the more you know. If you want, we could start reading the same things, and then talk about them.
  • Read whatever you can get your hands on, and if you find something interesting, please share it with me, and I'll do the same.
  • What kind of things have you been reading about?
  • Do you have a favorite book, magazine, blogger, etc.?
  • Let me know if you ever want to bounce ideas and questions off of me, I enjoy talking and learning new things. 

Words That Might Be Discouraging:

  • You'll never be a good writer. 
  • Good writing is not as important as it used to be.
  • You've always been a horrible speller.
  • There's no way you'll ever finish a book. 
  • You're not an English or a literature kind of person. 
  • English just isn't your thing. 
  • Who cares about English? That's what spellcheck is for!
  • You speak just fine; don't stress about being able to write well.
  • Maybe you should focus on subjects that you're better at. Stick with your strengths. 
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