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Who We Are and What We Do

Who We Are and What We Do

1. What does EncourageX do?

We help people encourage happy, healthy, and resilient relationships with the people they care about. Our approach is simple. We provide encouragers (you) with the tools you need to encourage the people you care about in a personal, authentic, and consistent way. Our encouragement platform provides encouragers with recommendations that can be personalized based on insights provided in the personal profile for each recipient. 

2. What is an encouragement experience?

An encouragement experience provides the recipient with support, inspiration, and encouragement needed during challenging life events and situations.

3. How do we help people create encouragement experiences?

Our platform helps you identify the people and life events important to someone you care about. We then provide recommendations using a combination of artificial intelligence and human insights to create personalized encouragement experiences.

4. How does EncourageX create personalized encouragement experiences?

We profile, curate, schedule, and deliver encouragement experiences by combining artificial intelligence, algorithms, machine learning, and neural networks with human insights (psychology and personal relationships).

5. Why did you start the company?

Over the last 15 years, we have searched for a better way to encourage the people we care about in a more personal, authentic, and consistent way. We were unable to find an easy solution to our problem, so we decided to build it ourselves!

6. Does EncourageX compete with Hallmark and Florists?

EncourageX does not compete with Hallmark or Florists. EncourageX is an open platform designed to help users create personal, authentic, and consistent encouragement experiences.

7. How does EncourageX make money?

EncourageX has several revenue streams - Affiliate Marketing Commissions, Advertising/Sponsorships, and User Subscriptions. 

8. What is the meaning behind the "X" in Encourage X?

We originally wanted to purchase encourage.com, but due to cost considerations, we decided to keep looking. We settled on EncourageX.com because we believe the X stands for any situation, relationship, or time. We also think the X stands for exceptional, extraordinary, and exponential impact.

9. How does Encourage X compare to social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn?

We believe Facebook and LinkedIn are wonderful platforms for finding and seeing people. We also believe, however, that once you find and see the people you care about, we all need help encouraging those important people in our lives. In many ways, we see EncourageX as the antidote for the unintended consequences of social media.

10. Do you work with companies and businesses?

Yes, we collaborate with companies to create customized white label products that allow users to access customized content, logos, and user experiences provided by each client.  

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