Head of Digital Marketing Template

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He or She Might Be Thinking About...

  • How do I build my relationship with the Head of Marketing or CMO?
  • What is the role of digital marketing in our business and category?
  • How do I show the impact of digital marketing for the business?
  • What are the key functions of our mobile app for our customers?
  • How do we make our website a destination site for our customers?
  • What do we need social media to do for our brand?
  • What are the best channels of social media for our brand?
  • What companies do we need to benchmark against for our social media strategy?
  • What are our social media guidelines?
  • Is our digital content calendar up-to-date?
  • How many times a day/week should we be actively posting and sharing content on social media?
  • What does the quality control process look like for our digital strategy and published content? 
  • What is our core message to all stakeholders?
  • What is our roadmap for social media upgrades for the next 3 years?
  • What is the biggest change we need to make with our digital media strategy?
  • How do we measure digital media's financial impact?
  • How much effort should we spend on SEO optimization?
  • How do I get our CEO engaged in our social media strategy?
  • How does mobile vs. desktop fit into our strategy?
  • How often should we contact our customers with company updates via email?
  • What tools do we need for the sales team to customize their communications with customers?
  • What are the KPIs for our social media strategy?

Words That Might Be Encouraging

  • Your ability to engage with employees and customers is the most cost effective way to improve communications.
  • I am counting on you to own the digital strategy and the relationships required to drive results.
  • I believe in you!
  • Thanks for your leadership.
  • You are doing a fantastic job.
  • Digital marketing is such a new and exciting skillset. I'd love to visit with you to learn more about all of the strategies and intricacies of how it helps our company. 
  • Our digital strategy is critical to driving the next cycle of growth.
  • Make sure that you use KPIs to reinforce your strategic initiatives whenever possible.
  • I enjoy working for you and have learned so much from your leadership.
  • It's one thing to be a manager, another thing to be a mentor, and an entirely different thing to be a leader. You're excellent at all three.
  • Good things come to those who hustle. 
  • Our company is lucky to have you as a leader.
  • You are making such a positive impact on your employees.
  • Your leadership style is very inspirational. 
  • Be a cheerleader. Always encourage your staff to be at their best.
  • Don't forget to celebrate accomplishments, both big and small.
  • You are a true visionary in your field.
  • Ask your employees for their thoughts and opinions. 
  • Be consistent, honest and clear about your vision, communication style, and expectations of your staff.
  • Build and maintain relationships, both internal and external.
  • Don't be afraid of change; embrace it.

Words That Might Be Discouraging

  • That's a great idea, but let's not fix what isn't broken.
  • We are not paying you to focus on areas outside of the digital space.
  • Your ambition is substantial. You just need to pace yourself.  
  • I'm surprised your team responds as well as they do to your leadership. 
  • Are you sure that is the best digital strategy for our business. I have never seen that approach in our business?
  • I appreciate the input, but that isn't part of your job.
  • The marketing department is nice to have, but isn't a necessity for company operations.
  • Marketing is usually the first department for cuts during a downturn. I hope that isn't the case for you and your staff.
  • What do you do exactly?
  • My friend is a Marketing Specialist at XYZ Company. You guys seem to have the same job.
  • I don't think we really need digital marketing. None of our competitors focus on digital marketing.
  • You seem busy all the time. Where do you find the time to balance it all?
  • So what exactly is digital marketing anyways? Like posting on Facebook?
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