New Baby

Teething, Potty Training, Colic, Jaundice

New Parents Might Be Thinking:

  • When can I catch up on sleep?
  • Will I be a good father/mother?
  • Will my milk come in? Will I have enough?
  • How will I find time to pump if I go back to work?
  • I don't know what I doing.
  • Whose advice should I take seriously?
  • Will I ever sleep again?
  • Will my spouse step up to help me?
  • Will I be able achieve a healthy work-life balance?
  • Am I doing any of this right?
  • Will the baby latch on?
  • Are there any support groups?
  • Are there any good classes to take?
  • What are the key baby milestones?
  • How will I protect against SIDS?
  • Do I really need to use a bottle warmer; isn't the microwave fine if I shake it after heating?
  • When can I take the baby outside the house?
  • Should I let people hold the baby?

Words That Might Be Encouraging:

  • You will be a great parent.
  • God takes good care of the baby for the first two years while you are figuring it out.
  • The baby has your smile and your eyes.
  • Make sure to sleep when the baby sleeps.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help.
  • Daycare can be a great way to get a break early on.
  • Can I stop by once or twice a week to help do laundry or bring dinner?
  • You look fantastic!
  • You’re amazing! You did it! I’m so proud of you!
  • There are so many ways to parent a baby; pick what works best for you and your family and ignore people's opinions. 

Words That Might Be Discouraging:

  • The baby seems to cry a lot
  • When are you going back to work?
  • If you bring a baby into the world, you should really become a stay-at-home parent.
  • Going back to work teaches your baby that she/he is not the center of the universe.
  • You really should be nursing; it's so much better for the baby.
  • So, are you ready for another one?
  • Have you read [insert baby book title here].
  • Are you sure you're wrapping the baby up the right way?
  • You're not supposed to put the baby to sleep that way.
  • To get your baby to sleep through the night, crying it out worked for us; you're just too soft on the baby.
  • Co-sleeping is not a good idea; the baby could get hurt.
  • Co-sleeping is the way to go; it helps the baby feels safe. 
  • You should NEVER use pacifiers. 
  • You should ALWAYS use pacifiers.
  • The car seat you're using is not the best one out there. You should be using [fill in the blank].
  • I don't think you're burping the baby right,
  • Are you sure babies are allowed to sleep in a swing?
  • Bathing the baby that often will cause dry skin. 
  • Those baby lotions have too much perfume in them, which is not good for its skin.
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