Wedding Day

Getting Married, The Big Day, Exchanging Vows, Saying I Do, Tying the Knot

They Might Be Thinking:

  • Should I have a big or small wedding?
  • What type of wedding bands should we get?
  • I am so excited about the next phase of my life.
  • What kind of wedding do I want?
  • Who should I ask to be my maid of honor?
  • How much should I spend on my wedding dress?
  • Will my parents be willing to pay for our wedding?
  • What time of year should we set our wedding date?
  • Should we move in together, now that we are engaged?
  • How many people can we invite to our wedding?

Words That Might Be Encouraging

  • I am so excited about your wedding, but more importantly, I excited about your life together.
  • I am here for you to help with whatever you need.
  • Make sure you have fun on your wedding day.
  • Take time for yourself during wedding week.
  • I wish you love, understanding and respect.
  • Focus on strengthening family relationships as you are going through the wedding plannning process.
  • Your ring is very elegant and fits your hands very well
  • I think you guys will be great together.

Words That Might Be Discouraging

  • I can't wait for you guys to finally be married.
  • Your ring is small, but incrdibly beautiful and elegant.
  • "Your Names Sound Great Together"
  • How long did you date before you were engaged?
  • Are you ready to get married?
  • I thought you decided you were not interested in getting married.
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