Baseball Fundamentals- Short Stop

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Anxiety can hit in full force as game day grows closer and closer. Did I do enough to prepare? Will the weather cooperate? What if I mess up and it's my fault we lose the game? Kids may put pressure on themselves to perform, which could be exacerbated by well-meaning parents who say the wrong thing. Read more below about how you can help put your kid's fears at rest.

They Might Be Thinking

  • Do I have everything packed in my bag for the game?
  • Is my uniform clean? Do I have my favorite socks packed?
  • Who will be at the game to watch me play?
  • Stay in front of the ball.
  • See the ball hit your glove.
  • How will I stay relaxed and focused when I am hitting?
  • Who will I be facing on the mound today? Right- or left-handed pitcher?
  • Is there a chance of rain in the forecast?
  • What should I eat before the game starts today?
  • What is the weather forecast for game time?
  • I need to check my bats to make sure they are ready for game time.
  • Will the game go into extra innings?

Words That Might Be Encouraging

  • Most pitchers work the outside of the plate. Wait for your pitch.
  • Play what you practice.
  • Eat healthy fruits and vegetables, and drink lots of fluids. Avoid fried foods.
  • Get a good night's sleep before the game.
  • Turn off your phone an hour before the game to get your mind in the right place.
  • Watch the ball all the way until it hits your bat. See contact.
  • Head down and hit the ball before you try to run the bases.
  • Encourage yourself and your teammates in between innings.
  • Win each inning.
  • Play hard. Go home proud. No regrets.
  • I love watching you play. Enjoy it.
  • Have a plan at the plate.
  • Take a good path to the ball in the field. Good first step!
  • I was really prod of your effort today.

Words That May Be Discouraging

  • If you win today, we can go wherever you want for dinner.
  • Terrible call Ump
  • This thing is rigged
  • Don’t let that pitcher get ahead of you in the count.
  • Do what you got to do to win.
  • Yelling, “You are the best!”
  • Screaming at the referee when your player receives a violation.
  • You are too young to be getting so upset about losing a game.
  • It’s just a game.
  • The team did not prepare enough to win today.
  • Sometimes you win; sometimes you lose.
  • You guys looked rough out there today.
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