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They Might Be Thinking:

  • I hope I can find the time to run this week.
  • I wonder if I should switch shoes.
  • Am I eating enough protein?
  • Am I getting enough carbohydrates to fuel my run?
  • I need to stretch more before and after I run.
  • The new gear from my favorite brand looks good. I wonder if its worth it.
  • I need to mix up my routine to break up the monotony. 
  • I'm starting to get blisters. How do I prevent them?
  • I need to keep my water cold during the long runs.
  • I wish I had a watch with GPS.
  • I don't like running with other people.
  • I get lonely on my long runs. I wish I knew other people who enjoy running.
  • How many calories do I burn per hour?
  • Should I carry pepper spray with me when I run?
  • Which brand of shoes is best for my feet?
  • Sometimes I feel self conscious because I'm the slowest person on the trail.

Words That Might Be Encouraging:

  • Running is a terrific form of exercise.
  • You can usually find a place to run no matter where you are.
  • Some of the most successful people are dedicated runners.
  • Runners live an average of three years longer than non-runners.
  • Running for nine minutes, and then resting for one minute, is a great way to extend your miles and speed recovery.
  • Running is good for your brain - it generates dopamine and leads to a runner's high.
  • Shoes are super important. It's important to change them on a regular basis. 
  • Start slow and build up your speed and tolerance.
  • I would be happy to join you on part of your run sometime when you go.
  • Running helps your overall mental health. Runners tend to be happier overall.
  • Running builds stronger lung capacity and endurance.
  • If you keep running throughout your life, you can prevent high blood pressure.
  • Running strengthens your immune system.

Words That Might Be Discouraging:

  • Running is really bad for your back and your knees.
  • You need to be careful when you are running outside on the streets.
  • Running is not good for people over the age of 40.  
  • You can have a heart attack running outside in the heat.
  • The only time you will find me running is when I am being chased.
  • Running is so boring.
  • What do you do when it rains outside?
  • Do you run on a treadmill? I hate running on treadmills.
  • Weight training is better than running for losing weight.
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